401k Planning for Trustees/Fiduciaries


Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a plan with the potential to compensate those who have supported you and helped you build your business while assuring that your welfare is first and foremost?  Designing ‘open architecture’ plans with those goals in mind is our passion! 

When we consult with business owners and key employees, we guide the process of designing and maintaining plans that focus on helping our clients to maximize their contributions while minimizing the overall costs – a win/win for everyone… from the business owner to the newest participant in your plan.


Navigating expenses to service providers is one of the most important decision areas that individuals with fiduciary responsibilities will encounter.   It can be challenging to get a clear picture of what the costs are, and how the costs translate to actual tangible services you are provided.

With our AIFA®  and CIMA® designations, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through the maze.  Because of our knowledge and experience in the industry, dedication to transparent costs and sensitivity to value provided for these costs, we have developed relationships over the years with an established list of preferred service providers that we know bring the highest value for the lowest relative costs.  Let us point you in the right direction.

Since each plan we design is as different as the companies we serve, it’s just not possible to give you a cookie-cutter menu of plans and prices.   Just invite us to stop by and visit with you – let us know what your goals are and what your business is about.  Then we can suggest some options tailored specifically to your unique situation.


The ability to provide the highest quality investment options is the reason we wanted to offer ‘open architecture’ plans in the first place.  As an investment advisor representative, my heart is always in finding the best manager in each particular asset class.  Here’s why we love open architecture… working in partnership with our various plan custodians, we have the ability to choose from thousands of different investment options.  With a larger selection, we increase the potential of having access to the best investments available for your group.


Let’s face it, fiduciary responsibility IS a BIG deal.  Your corporate barriers do not protect you against liability.  The 401K Source is also held to a fiduciary standard when acting in an advisory capacity.  Infer from that what you will, but suffice it to say that we want everyone to stay in compliance with the rules.