401k Planning for Participants


People in general learn in many different ways.  This is a story about why we created the video portal on our web site.

Standard industry practice is to give 401k participants a big, thick packet with everything they will need to know about their plan contained inside.

I recall an educational event we held for the employees of one of our client companies.  We gave everyone who came a big packet of information – good information – that would help them understand and manage their 401k’s better.  Many said they would ‘read it tonight’, but most seemed a little overwhelmed.  When I followed up with a phone call the next week, most people had not even opened the packet.

At that time I knew something had to change.

We decided to provide information in little bites that our plan participants could use to get the very basic ideas.  Then, if they were curious and wanted more information, they could always call our office for more information.  So, while the videos won’t take the place of the full packets of information, they do provide the opportunity to gain some basic knowledge before diving into them.

Dear Plan Participants:

Please enjoy these videos as short, informative and basic introductions to investing.  They are not designed to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.  We do think they will help you gain an understanding of basic investment principles and language, presented in a straightforward manner.  Take your time with them, watch them as often as you like, invite your friends and family.  We’ll even send the popcorn!*

To informed investing,

Tom Turner

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Most of the time, the only exposure that people have to a financial advisor is within the boundaries of their 401k plan.  We take that responsibility and opportunity to build a relationship with you very seriously. 

We would enjoy working with you on your individual IRA’s, life insurance, annuities or helping you evaluate your other financial needs.   It would be our pleasure to show you how to use these different tools in a safe way to augment what you’re already saving with your 401k plan.  We will always look out for your best interests and if you choose to work with us, we will provide you the very best service at a very competitive price.

Already working with someone else?  No problem!  Let us show you how to understand what you’re getting for the fees you are paying.

Give us a call, email us, or fill out the contact form on this site.